AROUND THE WORLD: Regression therapy is being applied around the world. Tasso is active around the world. We know what is going on and we contribute wherever we can and however we can. We started up the worldwide association and the world congresses.

PRACTICAL: We are open-minded, but refrain from metaphysical speculations. Everything we do is based on practical experiences and geared to practical results: real and enduring changes in people. We want to be effective and we want to be efficient.

EXPLORING: Regression is interesting. Our way of working is exploring and discovering. And we remain always interested in new findings. We are fearless.

METHODICAL: We work with the intuition of our clients and most of us are pretty intuitive ourselves. We counterbalance that with an approach that ts as precise and methodical as possible. It is poor to focus on intuition and to forget intellect.

CRAFT: Teaching people it means selecting, educating and training, and a lot of immediate experience in guding and undergoing regressions.

ENERGY: Regression is intense. High-in, high-out: personal investment is high, personal pay-out is high. What is true for regression, is true for our training program.

REPUTATION: Our teachers are among the most experienced in our field. The books of Hans TenDam have been translated in several languages and are used in other schools and training programs.

We seek students who fit our profile:
practical, exploring, methodical, energetic, interested


  • Including intuitive experiences
  • Regression, personification and energy work
  • State of mind and state of body
  • Personal Mastery
  • Energy work for organizations
  • Constellations


Life Coaching helps to order your life and work situation to move a step forward. It helps you to get inspiration again, to get more energy, to become yourself. Transpersonal coaching is especially suitable for managers with a coaching function, life – coaches or people who want to become a life coach.


This program educates and trains people to become modern regression therapists. The network of future professional colleagues expand every year. What to expect:

  • Teachers with considerable experience
  • Down to earth spirituality
  • Broad methodology
  • Very practical and effective
  • Prominent international standing



It covers a broad spectrum of transpersonal methods to help people to solve their problems at a deep level and develop mentally, psychologically and even physically. It is client-centered. It avoids classical hypnosis and any other approach that makes people dependent on outside influences.